Promoting Better Bottom-Line Results in Commercial Disputes

After more than 25 years as a trial attorney with regional, national and international law firms, I have drawn upon what I have learned through that experience to found my own law practice concentrating on commercial contract disputes. My work is in state and federal courts in Massachusetts and around the country. My clients are domestic and international leaders in the banking, defense, health, alternative energy, manufacturing, plastics and food industries.

Legal costs are an overhead expense to be monitored, managed and trimmed. Big law firms offer a wide variety of specialized resources, but have become too expensive and inflexible in many circumstances. I decided to continue the work which I have always done on behalf of commercial clients without the overhead born by my former colleagues. My aim is to empower clients, align with their objectives and work within fee structures and terms which best fit their needs and the circumstances of each case. Particularly given the challenges of today’s economic climate, I look for opportunities to leverage my experience and innovate in order to deliver better bottom-line results. I carefully listen to what my clients need in order to provide legal counsel in a responsive, targeted manner consistent with sound business judgment.

Most of my cases involve disputes which concern expectations, rights and obligations arising out of agreements – the foundation upon which commerce is based. When financial markets are stressed, achieving the full benefit of a disputed bargain presents a critical challenge in every industry. In these cases, results based fees may be a most attractive option.

This practice celebrates flexibility beyond the confines of traditional models in meeting the unique needs of each client and challenge faced. Your success and the achievement of your goals are the best measure of my success.


“The best way to predict your future is to create it. Determine that the thing can and should be done and then … find the way. Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality.” A. Lincoln